Anotha week, anotha reason to get hyped

This week on Woah. Like woah.

This week we’re channeling our inner Keanu Reeves and saying “woah” as many times as humanly possible. Woah, okay, but why?

Woahs is a new collection of 5,000 unique characters with big dreams to build a web3 global art house and brand. I don’t know how achievable their plans are but I do know that the character art they already have is absolute fire. Check out this example of a character they call “Willow”. 

Per their Twitter, each Woah is a nod to some aspect of NFT culture or iconic personality traits. A sort of remix of NFT culture as it stands now. Whatever it is, it looks hella good. 

So how do you get involved? Woahs are running their access list for their upcoming mint right now on Hype. You can check out all the details here, including mint price and links to their website and Discord to learn more. 

Going dark now, see you in a week. 

Joyride’s Tennis Champs is holding a Gear ideas contest!

Serena Williams. Roger Federer. Rafael Nadal. Andre Agassi. You. You?

Joyride Games is the maker of Tennis Champs (along with the top 2 Flow blockchain games Trickshot Blitz and Solitaire Blitz) and is looking for your ideas for “Gear” that will affect and improve the in-game Tennis Champs. Time for me to put on my designer hat.

If Joyride is listening and I’m not just screaming into the void of the endless internet, my submission is a replacement racket called “Stone Hands” and it’s not a racket at all. It replaces the Champs’ fists with massive granite gauntlets and they quite literally punch the ball back at their opponents. Is it accurate? No, god no. It’s terribly inaccurate. But if you somehow manage to return a shot, it’s gonna go fast. 

One more idea. “John McEnroe’s Red Headband”. It significantly increases your Tennis Champs’ stats across the board but adds a 1% chance that on any given play, you’ll start screaming “Answer my question! The question, jerk!” at the umpire, smash your racket on a juice cart, and be booed by the crowd. 

Now, even though these ideas are obvious winners, I’m not eligible for the prize pool Joyride has put up but you, yes YOU!, are. First place gets 1000 USDC to their name, second 500 USDC, and third place makes the podium and gets 250 USDC. Now, there’s no guarantee your Gear submission will actually make it into the game but a small slice of stablecoin never hurt anyone.

If you’re feeling creative and think you can do better, check out their Hype page for instructions on how to enter! But hurry, there’s only a few hours left!

Portland is Rip Packs City

Today I’m going to talk about local sub-communities and why creators of NFT projects should be paying attention. 

Rip Packs City is an NBA Top Shot community specifically for the Portland Trail Blazers. To join, you have to hold an NFT from the Portland Trail Blazers Set and obviously love ripping packs (revealing NFTs). Through supporting these local sub-communities Top Shot has added IRL utility to every NFT in their collections which is then naturally retaining that local community.

Just check out one of the events Rip Packs City has thrown on their Twitter. With one NFT, you get access to a whole new IRL social club filled with people who share the same passion and interests as you. That’s a pretty good deal imo.

But wait. What if I’m a project creator and don’t have logical local segments like Top Shot has in their collection? I’m just spitballing here, but if you used Hype’s new minting capability, you could easily create, mint, and distribute local community passes to collectors in major cities. Or create a whole new collection. Let your imagination run wild. 

If you’re in Portland or even just a fan of the Trail Blazers, check out their Hype page to get on their email list and stay in the loop!

Going dark now, see you in a week. 

Matchday launches the first web3 partnership with FIFA and FIFPRO

Is there a better feeling than waking up at 4:30am, rolling out of bed, grabbing a coffee, and turning on the TV because it’s match day baby, and you’re a Crystal Palace fan across the pond. Keen-eyed grammar hawks will note that question has no question mark. That’s because there is no better feeling*

Fan of soccer/football/footy everywhere can rejoice because Matchday is the first web3 partnership with FIFA and the players’ union to officially license all your favorite players for their upcoming slate of web3 games. 

So what are these games? Well, for starters, they’re launching “Matchday Challenge” ahead of the upcoming World Cup which is a casual roster-building game with a unique prediction mechanic. You not only battle it out on the pitch against other players’ rosters but also earn points for predicting the outcomes of the matches. Think you know football? Prove it, says Matchday.

Matchday has some pretty interesting investors, most notably Lionel Messi who recently launched Play Time in partnership with Silicon Valley veterans to shepherd his investments in sports, media, and technology. Uh oh, I’m doing your research for you. DYOR. 

Check out their launch at You can reserve your username, get a free pack of 5 cards to start building your roster, and then of course, sign up for their access list (powered by Hype) for more free packs, first dibs on upcoming premium packs, and more! Don’t let me peer pressure you but I hear everyone is doing it.

*If you’re a Premier League fan

Increment celebrates the launch of their Liquid Staking product on

This is the first week where the email subject isn’t clickbait and I actually answer the question posed. Feels good to be coming clean to y’all.

Liquid Staking is a new product just released by, a DeFi platform on the Flow blockchain, and it’s pretty rad. In simple terms, you stake your Flow tokens to earn staking rewards while also receiving liquid stFlow tokens in return. 

Ok, but what’s the benefit of stFlow tokens? One, they are liquid and transferrable so you can instantly unstake. Two, you don’t need to manually claim staking rewards (auto-compounding). Three, you can supply stFlow on the lending market or earn trading fees by offering liquidity to the stFlow-Flow pair (with more yield opportunities to come). 

Now, I’m taking these benefits straight from the horse’s mouth, so obviously DYOR, but if you’re in the Flow ecosystem, you should definitely check out their docs and what they’re working on. Check out their Hype page here for additional details and register to win some free Flow! Hey, you could try staking it right away with them!

Going dark now, see you in a week. 

Score Milk <> Everfyre collab to giveaway 10 Score Milk Access Passes

Depending on your age, you may remember Big Dairy’s “Got Milk?” campaign. This has nothing to do with that. Instead, this week is about Score Milk and their access pass giveaway on Hype. 

So what is Score Milk? Score Milk is a platform enabling web2 game developers to convert their games into web3 games with an SDK that adds systems like guilds, tokenomics, and social tools. Sounds pretty nifty but what’s this access pass all about?

You can check out their Hype page here for additional details but the general summary is that Score Milk is dropping their first character collection and the pass gives you mint access along with a host of other benefits across their platform and the games on their platform. And it’s free to enter, so why not check it out? 

As always, DYOR, I own over 2,000 Beanie Babies stored in a dark, dingy warehouse somewhere in middle America so…uh…yeah. 

Going dark now, see you in a week. 

AFL Mint <> The Athletic Project collab to giveaway a 5-pack of AFL Mint Ripper Grabs

G’day mate! Today I’m coming to you from the land of Vegemite and Fairy Bread to bring you a giveaway from one of our favorite projects, the AFL Mint. 

Australian Football it seems, is not football as the rest of the word perceives it, and it’s not even American football (because it says Australian in front of it). It is its own truly unique sport with phrases like “Joe the goose” and “worm burner” (which means the same thing as “daisy cutter”; that’s not confusing at all). And I love every chaotic minute of it.

So what’s going on with AFL on Hype? AFL Mint is collabing with The Athletic Project to give away a 5-pack of Ripper Grabs to 5 winners. 

Because I’m no longer subject to plagiarism, here’s what AFL themselves have to say about the collection: “This collection highlights the most memorable marks of the 2022 Toyota AFL Premiership Season. Expect game-defining grabs, high-flying hangers and courageous speccys from the rounds of this year’s super season. Every pack in Ripper Grabs is loaded with serious hang time from Joe Daniher, Bobby Hill, Toby Greene and Port Adelaide’s Four’N Twenty AFL Mark of the Year winner Mitch Georgiades, plus many more.”

If you like sports ball (of any variety!) you might want to check out their Hype page here. It ends in 1 day-ish so hurry up!

As always, DYOR, I’m not your shady uncle, lawyer, financial advisor, or even your friend. Just kidding, of course we’re friends.

The Latam WebX Hackathon is the largest developer and creator conference in Peru and is happening right around the corner from October 22nd to October 29th

Otra semana…otra razón para emocionarse

Hola! Me llamo y estudié español en la escuela secundaria. Lo siento. No hablo la lengua muy bien. La biblioteca es divertido.

This week, we’re taking a little trip to the land of lomo saltado and pisco, albeit virtually. The Latam WebX Hackathon is the largest developer and creator conference in Peru and is happening right around the corner from October 22nd to October 29th. There’s limited spots so check out their Hype page here if you’re feeling inspired and ready to build something. Our understanding is there’s virtual and IRL events so even if you’re not physically in Peru shoveling delicious cuisine into your mouth until your stomach pleads stop, there’s something for you! You probably want to be a better Spanish speaker than I am though.

As always, DYOR, I’m clearly not a native speaker and there’s no financial commitment but I’ll remind you that I’m just the inanimate voice that’s inside your head while you read this and I may or may not be an intern chained to a desk in real life.

Going dark now, see you in a week. Hasta luego!

Anicube is giving away 10 allowlist spots to REVV Racing token holders for their upcoming Anibear mint on October 5th, so you’ve got 3 days to get in now while the engines are running.

I’ll be totally honest. I don’t know the first thing about K-pop but I do know that it’s not a good idea to tweet about it or you’ll face the wrath of thousands of angry K-pop stans. What’s my point? Don’t underestimate the power of K-pop fandom. 

This week we’re bringing you a collaboration between Anicube, a K-pop fandom project from the minds at Animoca Brands, and REVV Motorsport, a P2E game centered around you managing a Formula E team. Anicube is giving away 10 allowlist spots to REVV Racing token holders for their upcoming Anibear mint on October 5th, so you’ve got 3 days to get in now while the engines are running. Get it? Engines running? Because there’s a racing project involved? I was too scared to make a K-pop pun. Enough of that, check out their Hype page here for more details on how you can score a mint spot for Anibear.

Remember, DYOR, I invested in GameStop at the absolute peak so don’t look for financial advice here. 

I’m writing this on Friday so in a way, you’ll be traveling into the past when you get this on Monday. Didn’t know you were a time traveler, did you?

Going dark now, see you in a week.

The Search for the Golden Buddha

The Golden Buddha is a metaphor for the hidden potential that’s inside all of us. A clay Buddha cracks to reveal a golden Buddha inside. Now that we’re all spiritually motivated, let’s address the project in the room.

Buddha Brothers is a Give-To-Earn NFT collection of 8,888 Buddhas. They’ve got some pretty radical things going on like dynamic NFTs, a Give-To-Earn (G2E) game, and they’ve got an access list for their Golden Buddha Pass up right here, right now on Hype. Please do note that I am not an investor, I am not a financial advisor, I am just a proficient Googler so DYOR. 

Good morning (maybe?) and have a splendid day. Going dark now, see you in a week.

What do Hawaii, food trucks, and NFTs have in common?

Do you love NFTs? Do you love food trucks? 

If you answered yes and yes, and let’s be honest you definitely did, check out Blockchain Bytes’ access list for their Season 1 mint pass. Blockchain Bytes describes themselves as “an innovative P2E game that generates passive income profits from our food trucks.” All we heard was food trucks so, as always, DYOR.

Check out their access list here for more info and have a fantastic day.

Going dark now, see you in a week.

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