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This week on Woah. Like woah.

This week we’re channeling our inner Keanu Reeves and saying “woah” as many times as humanly possible. Woah, okay, but why?

Woahs is a new collection of 5,000 unique characters with big dreams to build a web3 global art house and brand. I don’t know how achievable their plans are but I do know that the character art they already have is absolute fire. Check out this example of a character they call “Willow”. 

Per their Twitter, each Woah is a nod to some aspect of NFT culture or iconic personality traits. A sort of remix of NFT culture as it stands now. Whatever it is, it looks hella good. 

So how do you get involved? Woahs are running their access list for their upcoming mint right now on Hype. You can check out all the details here, including mint price and links to their website and Discord to learn more. 

Going dark now, see you in a week. 

Top NFT Projects 2023

If you’re looking ahead at what NFT trends and projects to be on the lookout for in 2023, you’ve come to the right place. In this post we’ll go through an overview of the current market and give a holistic rundown of projected trends for the new year. 

Current Snapshot of the NFT Market 

Two years after the NFT boom, the market has had its difficulties. After experiencing a peak in sales in January and February 2022, the NFT market has seen a sharp decline in the total volume of NFT sales and the number of buyers and sellers on the market. This suggests that collectors are currently not interested in taking great risks when investing in new and upcoming NFT projects surfacing on platforms and prefer instead to trade in the secondary market, where prices remain higher.

The current performance of NFTs has caused polarizing debates. On the one hand, NFT skeptics maintain that the lack of any inherent value of NFTs will determine their doom. On the other hand, defenders of NFTs and crypto claim that the NFT market is normalizing, meaning that the downturn of the market should be read as a sign of cyclicality and that the market will recover and even flourish. Regardless, the NFT market continues to grow and is expected to do the same in the future. So far, the majority of NFTs seem to be digital artwork and collectables, but the future of blockchain is limitless. Healthcare services and the real estate industry have even penetrated the blockchain market. Looking to 2023, we’ll go through what to look out for in this emerging market. 

Top NFT Projects 2023

  1. Social Media NFTs: TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter

As blockchain technology advances and consumer interest in digital assets increases, many Web 2.0 consumer tech firms are bound to penetrate the Web 3.0 market. We are seeing this shift with social media platforms. Creators frequently use social media to communicate directly with their fans and to build their audience to generate interest in their work, promote events, and even educate the public about NFTs. It takes time for artists to gain a following and hype around their projects, but it is critical to their success. 

One of the first instances of NFTs in the social media space was in October 2021 when TikTok launched their NFT “TikTok Top Moment,” offering a fresh take on the digital art trend. TikTok planned to use NFTs to empower the TikTok creator community and give recognition and compensation to artists and content creators. This NFT project allows fans to own culturally significant TikTok events. There’s no indication yet if the social site will continue to curate NFTs on the platform or if any user will be able to launch and sell NFTs on the site freely. However, it sparked other social media platforms to engage more closely with NFTs, with Instagram and Twitter following suit. 

Instagram users will soon be able to create, display and sell NFTs on the platform. During its Creator Week 2022 event, Meta announced a new feature that enables creators to make digital collectibles and sell them both on and off Instagram. Users on Instagram will be able to connect their Solana and Phantom wallets and mint NFTs on the Polygon blockchain

In October 2022, nearly a year after TikTok’s NFT drop, Twitter announced that it will let users buy, sell, and display NFTs directly through tweets in partnership with four marketplaces. The integration, called NFT Tweet Tiles, displays the artwork of an NFT in a dedicated panel within a tweet, and includes a button to let users click through to a marketplace listing.

Staying up to date on the NFTs projects within TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter is a great way to keep up with current trends and invest in a relatively low-risk environment: Instagram announced they won’t charge fees to create or sell NFTs until 2024. Instagram will also provide creators with an end-to-end toolkit and guide them through the whole process. NFTs would not be the same without social media; social media platforms act as the common ground between creators and collections. In 2023, keep your eye out for new NFT integration on these platforms.

  1. NFTs: New Generation of the Music Industry 

By 2025, the NFT music industry is expected to reach over $80 billion in capitalization. Music-related use cases for Web 3.0 technologies are piling up: these technologies help independent artists regain control of their art and compensation by removing middlemen who currently have all the control, like Spotify and Apple Music. One article goes so far as to say “NFT music will soon put Spotify and Apple Music out of business.” NFT music streaming services function exactly how you think they would: by connecting music listeners to their favorite music via blockchain technology. NFT music consists of digital files of songs, backed by units of unique code that provide a secure record of ownership on a blockchain infrastructure. As music NFTs become more popular, the hype follows. Hundreds of music NFT projects are popping up on Twitter, creating what can be seen as almost a subgenre of NFT music.

The most notable artists that have joined the NFT music stage are Grimes, 3LAU, Steve Aoki, Deadmau5 and Kings of Leon. In a short notice auction last year, Grimes sold a collection of digital artworks embedded with poems for almost $6 million, proving her music NFT project to obtain the most significant profit. 3LAU’s sold 33 Ultraviolet albums via NFTs in three days, which led to a whopping market cap of $11.7 million. In addition, the digital assets enticed fans by offering generous rewards, including special edition vinyl, unpublished tracks, state-of-the-art merchandise, and concert tickets.

The sky seems to be the limit for NFT Music. Why not purchase an NFT from your favorite artist and potentially partake in some unique experiences? Follow updates from the music-specific NFT marketplaces such Catalog and Sound.XYZ, Async Music, and Royal to keep in the loop on all things NFT Music. 

  1. Second Round NFT Drops: BAYC x Round21 Basketball

In some NFT drops, owning a previously minted NFT in the collection can give you elite access to the next drop. For instance, your NFT doubles as your access to pre-order a limited edition collectible item, in this case it was a BAYC x round21 physical basketball. 

Yuga Lab’s Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) has cemented itself as one of the most successful NFT projects. Lots of NFT projects want to build hype, but what about a long-lasting brand? BAYC has been able to do just that, building a brand with incomparable popularity. The Bored Apes designs are iconic: each ape has its unique traits that set them apart, yet they follow a core set of shapes that define their look as a Bored Ape. They are prized not only because of their value and social status, but NFT owners maintain the ability to commercially exploit their NFT however they like, as the owners retain intellectual property rights. Yuga Labs says they “want to be a Web 3.0 lifestyle company,” and they are not stopping. The impact of BAYC is going above crypto and NFT and beyond the owners of the original Bored Ape. 

Yuga Labs injects fresh ideas into the community to rejuvenate it. One of their collections to be on the lookout for is BAYC X Round21 basketball. This collection itself is a NFT video of a bouncing basketball that has been etched with the BAYC logo, a close up of an apes face, a group of bored apes and an image of an ape and his dog enjoying a sunset. In total, there are 4,500 NFTs in circulation and the floor price at the time of this article’s publication is .125 ETH. Users will need to own this NFT to purchase the next physical item. After nearly a year and a half of waiting, the BAYC quietly announced that NFT holders will be able to redeem their second physical item in 2023. Definitely follow BAYC on Twitter and Discord for up to date information on this upcoming drop.

  1. NFTs in Healthcare

The pandemic has accelerated the development of digital solutions, and blockchain and NFT have found their place even in the medical sector. The blockchain presents a new approach to data storage that could profoundly impact the healthcare sector. Medical data has two major issues: it holds intellectual property and contains royalties that must be paid. The decentralized nature of the blockchain offers a pathway for patients to own their medical records, giving them control over who can view their data or profit from it. 

A blockchain-based medical services marketplace developed. Aimedis is the first blockchain-enabled healthcare platform, launched in 2021 for cardiology patients containing ECG information. Aimedis believes that every human being deserves access to a proper, safe and up-to-date medical treatment. Their platform can store, transfer and validate all kinds of medical data, connect to medical devices and even provide remote supervisions to medical professionals, institutions and other patients. 

As delivery of healthcare continues to evolve and become more personalized, a supportive and intuitive solution is needed for providers, facilities and patients, and the blockchain provides this kind of solution. If you’re interested in increased transparency regarding your healthcare data, exploring healthcare NFTs is a great place to start.

  1. Real Estate NFTs: New Kid on the Blockchain?

By traditional methods, it can take weeks and even months to complete a real estate transaction. Even with an agreement in place, signing and exchanging contracts can take a couple of weeks. With NFTs, transfers of assets are secure and almost immediate. Each blockchain ledger provides a history of every step and transaction for every asset. If you buy an apartment with NFT asset properties, you can check every previous buyer, investment, action, legal dispute, payment and more. Using crypto can also cut out the traditional middleman, saving money and time.

Entire asset tokenization cannot work unless the actual property deed is turned into an NFT. This is still incredibly difficult to accomplish due to the regulatory environment surrounding real estate investments, although steps continue to be taken to push this forward. Real estate NFTs are very new, and it’s difficult to really gauge their strengths and weaknesses. There are currently a lot of experiments taking place that will help investors to better understand where NFTs can and cannot be applied within the real estate industry. Few companies use NFT in real estate yet, but it is a new trend that will soon enter the masses due to its flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and several other advantages. One company to be on the lookout for is Aetsoft. They develop custom blockchain products for multiple industries and verticals and are ready to create and launch a blockchain-based solution for virtual or physical real estate.


New ways of using the blockchain are on the rise, so make sure to stay up to day on where this emerging technology is heading next. If you’re interested in projects from this past year, check out our article, Top NFT projects 2022. 

Top NFT Drops of 2022

In the last year, the search for top NFT collections has been gaining momentum, emerging as a notable highlight in the world of technology. Today, over 1 billion NFTs are on the market, with an average of around 8 million new ones created monthly. This number is only expected to rise. Due to their intrinsic scarcity and provable ownership, NFTs provide a unique means for facilitating value across a wide range of digital assets, including but not limited to music, video-game items, and digital artwork. NFTs have revised the conventional notions regarding ownership of digital and physical assets on blockchain networks. In this post, we’ll get into the top NFT projects of 2022.

What Are NFT Drops?

So what exactly are NFT drops? An NFT drop allows creators to pre-announce when they will be launching their latest NFT projects. Fans and collectors can set reminders about these upcoming drops and get notified when an NFT is available to purchase or mint. NFT Drops are similar to the limited edition collectibles released by popular brands and celebrities, paid for by interested collectors, fans, and investors. 

How NFT Drops Get Their Hype

NFT drops will often offer allowlists to get in early. That’s what we do at HYPE: we build high-quality access lists for web3 project’s mints, giveaways, and raffles. Apart from the social brag, purchasing NFTs during a drop can offer you exclusive deals and incentives, such as lower prices, membership to exclusive communities, early access to new collections, and more. You can find the buzz about NFT drops on platforms like Twitter, Reddit, Discord, and Telegram to see the general information and community response to certain projects. We also have a no-spam newsletter at HYPE for a weekly summary of new and interesting projects. Joining NFT communities also helps you engage with like-minded NFT enthusiasts and better gauge the projects that are being built in the blockchain ecosystem.

Top NFT Drops of 2022 

Now the part you’ve been waiting for, the top NFT drops of 2022. With millions of NFTs already launched and many more on the way, how do you know which projects are worth your attention right now? When you search top NFT projects online, you’re bombarded with many results and even advertisements, so it can be hard to determine what projects are worthwhile. 

We’ve included projects that span a wide range of sectors and networks to provide a more complete picture of the current NFT landscape. One of these projects, an NFT drop with the Australian Football League (AFL) even used HYPE for their pre-drop allowlists. NFT projects these days typically fall into one of seven categories: PFPs (profile pictures) and avatars, one-of-one artwork, generative art, collectables, photography, music, and gamified NFTs. These top ten NFTs drops are from various sectors.

  1. Yubo: Best NFT Pixel Art Collection

Starting us off we are highlighting Yubo, a top-rated social media app based on fostering connections through live streaming. In April 2022, they announced the launch of Randos, the platform’s first NFT collection. With over 60 million users who love streaming live, Yubo will become the only social platform that can deliver real ownership to its Gen Z users. The Randos NFT collection consists of 10,000 pieces of generative pixel art. Aside from being used as a profile picture on the Yubo app, Rando ownership also comes with a whole host of benefits. With Randos, Yubo users have the ability to unlock exclusive features and opportunities in and beyond the brand’s app, such as unique profile pictures featuring Randos, the ability to send Randos as a Pixel to friends, access to VIP live events, and more. Yubo users will have the opportunity to own a stake in Yubo via Randos and generate personal revenue. Yubo wants to empower its users and build the first ‘socialize-and-earn’ economy with the largest community of Gen Z token holders. Randos is the first step toward web3 and a building block in this network of the future. This is just the beginning of Yubo’s introduction to Randos, and the team has a roadmap to further integrate NFTs into every user’s digital world. You definitely want to follow this NFT project. 

  1. IMPT: Carbon Offset Program

We hear so much about NFTs being digital artwork, but some can have real world value. IMPT is a large ecosystem that connects socially responsible brands with businesses and individuals who want to reduce their carbon footprint. IMPT has already partnered with more than 10,000 retailers to offer IMPT tokens, including Microsoft, LEGO, Amazon, and River Island. Based on the blockchain, their platform empowers users to buy, sell, or retire carbon credits while avoiding double counting and fraud. IMPT has a one-of-a-kind social platform using their points system. You can track your score based on your activity on the platform; you receive points each time you shop, get an NFT carbon credit, or refer new users, and you get higher points for retiring carbon credits. If you are a business owner, you can earn points by integrating your stores into the platform and offsetting your carbon footprint. 

The current voluntary carbon market is worth around $2 billion annually; Bloomberg estimates it will grow 50-fold in the coming decade and could be worth up to $100 billion by 2030. IMPT is paving the way for a more transparent future for carbon offsets. Carbon offsets typically have a huge problem with transparency and double accounting. With the help of Blockchain technology IMPT makes it easy to verify which company owns which certificate, solving the current system’s issues. If you’re interested in fighting global warming, this NFT is for you.

  1. Tamadoge: New NFT Drop on OpenSea

In October 2022, Tamadoge released Common NFTs, a new collection of NFTs on OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace in the world. Despite the newness of the project, Tamadoge has already established itself as a force to be reckoned with after selling out its $19 million presale in record time and quickly becoming one of the world’s largest and best meme coins. This collection features 20,000 NFTs, which will help players to interact with the upcoming Tamaverse. Tamaverse is a play-to-earn (P2E) meta space that allows players to mint, breed, train, and battle their own tamadoge pet. Tamadoge players can use these tokens to play the game, battling each other and vying for the platform’s TAMA tokens. Tamadoge is entering a new and exciting field with the launch of these NFTs. This is a great time to buy in as blockchain games have largely been unaffected by the market downturn. 

  1. Battle Infinity: Redefining Blockchain Gaming

Battle Infinity is a gaming platform with multiple P2E battle games integrated in the metaverse world: ‘The Battle Arena’. In order to pack in a wide range of useful features while maintaining an intuitive and user-friendly platform, Battle Infinity has split its platform into six sections, each housing a core feature of the ecosystem. There’s an NFT-based fantasy sports league, an NFT marketplace, a decentralized exchange, a Metaverse arena, a staking platform, and even a collection of player-vs-player P2E games. With the Battle Infinity ecosystem consisting of such a large number of applications, the project appeals to a huge number of investors. This, in part, led the IBAT token to increase in value sevenfold once it was listed on the PancakeSwap exchange.

If you want to enter the gaming NFT space, Battle Infinity is a great place to start. They offer investors and gamers numerous benefits, but its key function is enabling players to earn while entertaining themselves.

  1. Cocky: Exclusive Lifestyle Club

Cocky is an exclusive lifestyle club that provides all holders of its Cocky Can NFT collection access to world-class music events in prestigious locations. Their Cocky Can NFT collection consists of 10,000 Cocky Can NFTs that depict a soda can with 51 different skin variations. In addition to the skin variations, Cocky Can NFTs also come with three different colored lids to represent the different tiers of benefits received by the holder. The lids can come in Silver, Gold, or Black. Depending on your tier, you are entitled to the following benefits as an NFT holder: accommodation provided by Cocky at their events, subsidized transport to get to the event, additional invites to bring along friends, bar tabs to enjoy at the event, and exclusive merchandise.

The Parasol Group created the project as a mission to change the definition of utility in the cryptocurrency space by providing real-world experiences to holders. Cocky plans to host at least two in-person events annually, with additional regular virtual events. Cocky has the goal of growing its community by throwing bigger and better events over time. Eventually, they hope their events will become as famous as top-tier festivals such as Coachella, opening up their ticketing to the general public. However, the VIP benefits will still only ever be reserved for their Cocky Can NFT holders. If you’re a fan of electronic music and enjoy traveling to unconventional locations across the globe, this is the perfect NFT project for you.

  1. Australian Football League (AFL): First Limited Edition Drop

In August 2022, AFL created the limited edition digital packs at a retail price of 34.39 USD each, raising over $130,000 after it sold out in the first drop. They used HYPE for all their allowlists needs, and sold out in just 12 hours. With HYPE you can create a campaign and connect wallet addresses to social information like Twitter, Discord, and email to ensure you’re growing your community with the right people. You get detailed analytics to monitor your campaign’s registrations, view count, and requirements that your community is struggling with. And the best part, HYPE is free!

The AFL collectables themselves entail 78 significant moments and highlights from the 2021 Season utilizing both video and audio, and  pack features three “moments” in a trio of different rarity tiers, common, deluxe and ovation. 

This drop used technology similar to NBA Top Shot, a type of NFT that offers collectibles known as NBA Moments, or highlight clips, which can be used as trading cards. However impressive the rise of NBA Top Shot was, so was its untimely fall. To meet the skyrocketing demand and ease the complaints around queue waiting times, Top Shot released an influx of supply into the market. This led to a sharp downturn in market prices, floor prices quickly spiraled downwards, users were left with significant losses, and ultimately there were several complaints about the platform. 

AFL has had the opportunity to learn from its competitor. While there is no doubt that Top Shot can recover, it will take time for them to correct some of its mistakes and deliver on its many promises. In the meantime, other sport collectables, like AFL’s limited edition drop have a chance to capitalize on supply-demand needs of the emerging NFT sporting collectable market.

  1. Silks: The Best P2E NFT Collection of 2022

Silks is a vibrant metaverse that mirrors the thoroughbred horse racing industry using blockchain technology. The skill-based fantasy sports game launches NFT derivatives of real world thoroughbred race horses called Silks Horses, one of the most-awaited digital collectibles of this year. They track data related to the bloodlines, training progress, and racing results of real-world racehorses. So, every time the underlying thoroughbred wins a race or breeds offspring, the owner of the Silks Horse earns rewards. 

Silks Genesis Avatars is a Top #15 sports NFT Ethereum collection on OpenSea. It has also made the prestigious Gaming 50 Index, owing to the massive potential of the project in the growing blockchain gaming sector. Silks NFTs make for a great hedge against volatility, as proven by their resilience during the crypto downturn. The project combines real-world dynamics with web3 technology to form mixed-reality entertainment that has the potential to bring NFTs to the mainstream. If you’re interested in real-world-like digital gaming, Silks is the perfect project for you.

  1. Kleks Academy: New Way of Experiencing Film 

In the summer of 2022, Kleks Academy released their multi-D NFT (3D animated NFT) revealing a new way for experiencing film. So what exactly is it? Nearly 40 years after the screening of the first Kleks Academy film, the talented and very successful team from Open Mind Production are sparking a new life to this legendary story. But this time, it’s not only a film. The film producers are extremely passionate about using the latest technology not only to make this a visual spectacle but also to provide the complete Kleks Adventure, starting with the film production process, as well as a chance to enjoy the Kleks Academy in augmented reality and in a special metaverse. The NFTs will feature six sides of graphics and information that will be revealed every three months. 

Multi-D NFTs are your key to unlocking the magic of the Kleks Academy metaverse. The virtual space will host various games and challenges for Kleks Academy Members, themed around the Kleks Academy film and characters. It will give access to unique augmented reality experiences where participants can interact with the new Kleks Academy film including dinner with the film director, access to the actual film set in person, a chance to share the editing room with the director, owning original props and costumes from the film production, and weekly mini-documentary from the film set. 

NFTs have the potential to revolutionize the film industry. With the rise of blockchain technology, it was only a matter of time before the film industry started to take notice, and Kleks Academy is paving the way. If you’re a film fanatic, check out Kleks Academy.

  1. Women Unite: Closing the NFT Gender Gap

Data reveals that just 16% of NFT creators are women, a vast gender gap that reflects the underrepresentation of women in the current NFT ecosystem. Women Unite is fighting this gender gap. Women Unite is a prestigious NFT collection of artistic fashion and photography that captures the feminine energies of real women from across the world. This immense collection is adorned with over 100+ individually selected accessories on the Ethereum blockchain. Furthermore, the Women Unite Token functions as a membership card and grants you access to the exclusive Women Unite Kingdom, a virtual and physical community space that nurtures growth and development to anyone seeking abundance in all aspects of life. Future amenities and perks can be accessed through the progression of the roadmap stages. Furthermore, 10% of all royalties are donated towards supporting women in need across the globe. 

  1. Bored Ape Yacht Club: Pixel Art Status

Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) is a NFT collection built on the Ethereum blockchain, featuring profile pictures of cartoon apes that are procedurally generated by an algorithm. Owners of a Bored Ape NFT are granted access to a private online club, exclusive in-person events, and intellectual property rights for the image. BAYC currently tops all profile picture (PFP) NFT collections with a market cap of $953.05 million. Being a superstar in the PFP NFT field, BAYC has become the equivalent of Lamborghini in the virtual world in terms of social status and cache. Unsurprisingly, the patronage from top celebrities seems only to grow. The most updated name list of celebrities who have “aped in” includes NBA stars Stephen Curry, TV host Jimmy Fallon, music icon Eminem, super idol Justin Bieber, and billionaire Mark Cuban. With the entrenchment of Bored Apes in the NFT sphere, some even argue they can be considered a relatively safe investment option. If you’re looking to up your crypto status, investing in BAYC could be your next move. 

What all of these NFT drops have in common is that they hope to use the technology to make better fan and customer experiences. NFTs are the future, and an NFT collection with a long-term vision can bring you significant returns over time. The ten top NFT projects of 2022 excel in terms of relevance and growth potential and have proven their worth in the market with a wide range of use cases and solid community strength.